When you study with us, you will also be taking courses from several academic departments to broaden your learning and complement the courses offered in your program. This page will provide information about the Department of Language and Communication. Language and communication is increasingly important in today`s workplace. With tools such as email, Teams, and social media being used professionally along with traditional memos, letters, and reports, it has been estimated that the average worker will spend roughly 12 hours out of every 40-hour week writing (Gerson & Gerson, 2020). It is no wonder, then, that professional writing is a key component of the college curricula. Students in all programs of study take a minimum of one communication course at 91̽. Forms of writing, researching, and referencing sources and effective workplace communications are the topics studied. Students will learn the APA documentation system and the importance of documenting all sources in their academic papers. As well, communications courses will prepare students for job interviews and employment readiness.

Research and APA Documentation

All first-level Language and Communication courses include a unit on Research and Documentation to ensure that all 91̽ students can successfully use A.P.A. format for referencing source material.

The Write Place is a faculty-led tutorial drop-in location for all students. Students wanting help with grammar, sentence structure, essays, reports, resumes, and research and documentation may bring their college writing to Language and Communication professors for assistance, or students may email   thewriteplace@saultcollege.ca.

Advance Standing Methods available: Challenge Exams, Direct Credit Transfers, Prior Learning Assessment

Most Language & Communications courses have Challenge Exams available. Also, students who have credit from another college or university for comparable courses may apply for credit transfer.

For more information, contact Brian MacDonald, Co-ordinator at 705 759-2554, ext. 2615 or email   .DzԲ尪ܱٳDZ𲵱.